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Maple Leaf

About Us


The Corporation works for arranging Masters, Diploma, Certificate and training programs in all fields of area according to demand and need in Government and Non-Government sectors as well as international students who would like to study in a foreign institution. The Company provides variety of services designed to clarify the admissions process, dispel myths associated with studying abroad, and assist students in meeting language competency admission requirements. CIECON Network Inc. maintains educational consultancy firms as an Agent worldwide. From its creation, the Company has served international students from around the world. CIECON Network specializes in the recruitment of international students for a network of Canadian colleges and universities.



We are determined and motivated to closely work with our clients to build confidence and bring best solutions to their education objectives with loyalty to high professional standards and confidentiality.



Our mission is to provide fundamental and advanced education services to our clientele all over the world.



Our company is committed to providing truthful, honest, competent and result-oriented service through advising and representing our clients in Canada and overseas in a wide range of education matters, which focuses on providing support, building dependable relationships and promoting success.


Goals and objectives

We aim to expand the scope of our services by offering an integrated approach to consulting and creating new opportunities for applicants to overseas. 

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.


- Sydney J. Harris