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CIECON Network Inc. stands to give proper guidance to prospective students who wish to seek international career with Canadian education. We bring the best institutions through which the students focus on career building. We have been doing this for quite a while now. We are adding quality students to our profile year by year. It is all about feeling good and being good. Global education and global career is what we start our counseling with.

Admission to a Canadian institution is one of the exhaustive processes one undergoes to attain an international degree at reputed international institutions apart from questing for an international career through the institution. We have understood this better than anybody else and started focused education abroad services through which one can find the entire process simple and worthwhile. Henceforth, we are here as CIECON Network, Inc. It encourages students to consult with a Study Abroad Office when planning to study abroad. Students should always discuss study abroad plans with an academic advisor from their locality before enrolling in any study abroad program. Consumers should contact the individual providers of programs, products and services for further information, and should verify with the provider the terms and descriptions of their services. Study abroad travel, like other forms of travel abroad, involves a certain level of personal risk. Students should be aware that such risk exists before enrolling in any study abroad program.

The Company is intended as a resource for students to learn about study abroad programs. Free Listings and information on our service are neither endorsements nor validations of the information provided. This site provides information on study in Canada and opportunities for either a semester or academic year. These programs have courses, calendars and credits, which comply with the guidelines of many institutions. Further latest information on costs, financial aid, admission, deadlines and work experiences are also available at our office. CIECON Network Inc. site is an extremely thorough study abroad information resource. Academic Year and Semester, Summer Programs, Academic Programs, Subjects, Intensive Language Programs information are available. We will gladly correct or remove listings at the request of Institutions.


M Anisur Rahaman
B.Sc (Canada), M.Sc (USA)
CEO & President

Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.


- Mahatma Gandhi