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Frequently Ask Questions

Students are usually asks the following Question's regarding the education and after education in Canada:


When should I start the Application Process?
We recommend that you start researching the University/Colleges you want to apply to about eight months in advance. You can start your research online by using the search option in our website or walk in to our office to access our Dhaka office. For Fall Semester (September session) and Winter Semester (January Session) you should start by attending the Canadian Immigration and Education Fairs that are organised six months before the semester. The Fairs provide you with an opportunity to interact with the institutions face to face.

When is the main intake?
For Universities, the primary intake is Fall September, although a few do allow for a Winter semester and a very few for summer semester. For Colleges, there are usually 3 intakes in a year: September, January and May.


What are the application deadlines?
Each Institution (University/ University-College/College) has it's own deadline and some are subject or department specific. Therefore, it is important to note these deadlines when you start your research a year ahead for Masters Applicant, you would be surprised to learn that deadlines are as early as January for the September session in some Universities! For Masters Level, deadlines can vary depending on subjects. Each department / faculty /school may have a different deadline.

Are the deadlines flexible?
For degree programs, deadlines are not flexible. For diploma and post-graduate diplomas deadlines can be varied and flexible.

I missed all the deadlines. What do I do now?
Contact CIECON and ask about the Last Call for Admission. This could be your last chance to get into a Canadian Institution for the upcoming session. It is held twice a year: for the September session and for the January session.


What are the options available to me if I have only completed 15 years of education and I need 16 for entry into a Masters level program?
You will have one of the following options:

  • You can complete your Masters degree here in Bangladesh, and apply for the same thereafter in Canada.

  • You may complete your Masters degree, and apply for your PhD in Canada.

  • You may apply for admission into a College in Canada, enrolling into a PGD program, and then into a Masters level program at a University in Canada.

  • You may try to get your credits transferred to a University in a Bachelors program.

Do I need to appear for an English Fluency Test?
Yes, it is highly recommended that you appear for one of the three internationally recognized English proficiency tests: CAEL or IELTS or TOEFL. The minimum test scores required vary, but generally CAEL scores of 60-70 or TOEFL scores of 213-237 or IELTS band of 6.0-6.5 are accepted. For Masters Level higher scores are requested by most Universities. We recommend that you always check at our office or with the institution.


Are there scholarships/loans available to international students?
Education in Canada is highly subsidised and very cost effective as compared to other countries. There are very few scholarships at the undergraduate level, although some universities do offer full scholarships and partial entrance scholarships that are primarily based on your academic performance. There are many more opportunities for scholarships at the graduate (MA) and post-graduate (PhD) level. Student loans from Canadian banks are not open to international students; you can however avail of the many student loan options in Bangladesh.

Is there an application fee for the institutions in Canada?
Yes, most universities and colleges have an application fee that can vary from CDN$35 - $250. These fees must be submitted in the form of a Canadian Dollar draft or paid via a credit card along with the application.


I have got a conditional letter of acceptance from my institute. Can I apply for my student visa?
Yes, you can apply for a visa with a conditional acceptance letter. We recommend that you initiate the process for a student visa as early as possible with other required documentation. CIECON offers a visa counselling service where our trained Visa Counsellors carefully review your file. This service is by appointment only. You can book your appointment by email or telephone.

What is the ranking of the institute that I have selected?
There is no official ranking for educational institutions in Canada. Most educational institutions in Canada are publicly funded and provide quality education with worldwide recognition and acceptance.

What if I (my family) have already applied for immigration? How can I get the information required from an immigrant perspective as opposed to an international student perspective with reference to adjusting culturally, getting information on education/ work/ housing in Canada?
We understand that moving to Canada will involve a chain of culture shocks and adjustments on your behalf that we are here to help prepare you for. At CIECON, we are happy to introduce our Cross Cultural Counselling service for immigrants seeking valuable information for themselves and for their family for settlement in Canada. For more information, please email us.

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