Connecting Asian with Overseas Education
Besides the fact that the African continent is one of the most sought after destinations for both students and vacationers, Ghana presents those interested with a host of possible study abroad programs. Also known as the Gold Coast, Ghana’s experiential classroom provides a socio-political curriculum that spans ancient civilizations, British colonial rule and subsequent independence, the first of its kind.
Government Scholarships: The West African Research Association (WARA) maintains headquarters at Boston University, University of Florida and in Dakar, Senegal. The organization is funded in large part by the U.S. Department of State, which funds similar organizations active in other international regions. WARA provides programs and support for American and West African scholars and students as a means to greater understanding and collaboration. Scholarships and fellowships include:
  • WARA Pre-Doctoral Fellowships are given annually to outstanding graduate students with viable and well-organized research outlines. Applicants must have pre-doctoral dissertation research to conduct over the summer that focuses on Ghana or another West African country. Awards include travel expenses and a stipend.
  • WARA Post-Doctoral Fellowships are almost identical to the above in time frame and value of award, but the applicants must be working beyond their dissertation research.
The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships are awarded en masse to undergraduate study abroad candidates who can prove financial disability. Scholarships are restricted to those who receive Pell Grants as well as demonstrate academic worth. Gilman Scholars may study in Ghana as well as in hundreds of other challenging locations. Up to $7,000 may be awarded.
The David L. Boren Scholarships are a design of the National Security Education Program and intended to increase the number of Americans with advanced knowledge of critical needs areas of the world, such as Ghana. Applicants for the Boren Scholarships may be undergrad and grad students looking for a challenging and non-traditional study abroad program. Preference is given to those with a career interest in national security. Besides language and culture-heavy programs, other eligible fields of study are engineering, the sciences, law, education and technology. Awards are $25,000 and bundled with scholarship for service agreement.
Study Abroad Organizations: The School for International Training (SIT) is a leading study abroad organization that provides cutting edge programs all over the globe. Currently SIT runs three programs in Ghana, from the study of "musicology" to history and art and culture. All offer the following scholarships:
  • SIT Fund scholarships are the flagship award and given out to the widest array of participants. The scholarships are given based on financial need.
  • Diversity Fund awards go to those students historically underrepresented in a study abroad program.
  • HBCU Fund awards are saved for those eligible participants whose home institution is one of the Historically Black Colleges.
  • Sally Bragg Baker Scholarship is given to recognize the humanitarian example of an outstanding female in a semester program.
  • Middle East and Islamic Studies Scholarships are meted out to those individuals with demonstrated financial need who are participating in programs where Islam is a significant part of the culture, including Ghana.
Private Funds: The Rotary Foundation, through Rotary International, provides one of the most well-respected and competitive scholarship programs in existence. The Ambassadorial Scholarships are designed for students in upper level undergraduate or graduate programs who are genuinely interested in representing the Rotary in a study abroad program in Ghana or dozens of other international locations. Rotary scholarships are issued selectively, to candidates with an exemplary scholastic and personal record. Ambassadorial Scholars are chosen for their willingness to pursue programs especially relative to sustainable development, humanitarian issues or peace studies. Scholars are awarded $26,000 for an academic year abroad.
College Scholarships: New York University provides half a dozen challenging study abroad programs one of which takes exemplary students to Ghana for a semester. In Accra, the capital, students spend time between two of the region’s best universities, as well as the ultimate classroom, Ghana itself. Students may apply for the Sir Harold Acton Undergraduate Scholarships that offer academically talented and financially strapped students between $2,000 and $5,000 for a fall program abroad.
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